1. Content of chalkidishome.gr and intellectual property rights:

Welcome to the online store of Chalkidis Home, chalkidishome.gr. By using our website you agree to all the terms of use explicitly and without reservations, which you must take a few minutes to read.

All content of the website, including photos, images, drawings, texts, graphics, guides, products, services and trademarks are the intellectual property of our website or have been legally granted to us for use by third parties as they are protected by the Greek and European law, but also by international conventions. All content, information and services provided by chalkidishome.gr are for commercial purposes and any copying, retransmission or reproduction without written permission of the online store or third legal owner of this content is prohibited.

The presentation and appearance of all material from chalkidishome.gr on the internet is prohibited to be considered as registration and transfer of license as well as as a right of use.


  1. Chalkidis Home site terms

Our company has an obligation to inform users of any changes or modifications in its online store for any change. In addition, the company reserves the right to change these terms and to modify the terms of transactions always guided by the needs and trading habits.


  1. The Responsibility of chalkidishome.gr

Chalkidishome.gr is not responsible for the case of damage or loss that will result from inability to provide support services as it does not guarantee that the services will be uninterrupted or no technical errors will be made due to the nature of the internet. In case of damages that may occur due to execution or not of the order or even errors in the entry of data and data by the user, chalkidishome.gr is not responsible. The same applies in case of errors in products (prices, features). In addition, the company is not responsible in case of delay in receiving the products by the user, when there is a possibility of force majeure.


  1. User Responsibility

By using the website the user accepts that it does not have the following purposes:

  1. Illegal use, storage, or reproduction of data and content of the website about other users
  2. Transmission, sending, publication of data in other media of an illegal nature resulting in the damage of chalkidishome.gr or third parties
  3. Reproduction, republishing, sending via e-mail or any other way of transmitting data and content that infringes all the copyrights of chalkidishome.gr including the patent, trademark, trademark and trade secret, as well as copyrights or proprietary rights

It is the sole responsibility of the customer / user the general use of the website but also the transactions and their content. In case of illegality against chalkidishome.gr, the offered services are automatically terminated without notice.



The voluntary registration of the personal data and data of the user (name, telephone, home address, profession, email address, etc.) but also the content of its electronic and non-electronic transactions with the online store chalkidishome.gr (credit card details, payment method) are considered confidential as in the case of transactions with a commercial / physical store. In the case of data entry, they are used by chalkidishome.gr for effective and direct communication with the customer / user and the high quality of service. The above data is prohibited to be used by third parties without the legal observance of the provisions of Law 2472/97 which is valid every time and is related to the protection against processing of personal data. However, the user has the option to enter our website without having to provide any identity if he does not wish as the user is asked to provide them in case of ordering products, communication, or registration on the website.

Finally, with your approval and after you have entered your contact details, we can use them to inform you about new products, offers, product announcements and updates of the general set of chalkidishome.gr.

Chalkidishome.gr in no way discloses, gives or sells your personal data, only in cases that are legally covered when required by the Public Authorities or court actions. As mentioned above, the customer / user must be informed as he has the option not to provide any information as mentioned in articles 11-13 of law 2472/1997 based on which the customer / user information.

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